Abstract Series

My Horizon paintings have always walked a line between representation and abstraction.  After many years of working within a structure of horizontal bands which, however abstract, have always evoked the landscape, I have begun working completely non-objectively. Eliminating the horizon line, I focus on the interplay between colors and shapes activated by line.  I continue to work in watercolor and, in many pieces, maintain the subtle gradation of color I have used in my Horizon pieces. But I am now incorporating opaque pigments that I’ve rarely used before, along with charcoal, watercolor pencils, and watercolor crayons. 

My new work is an exploration of strong shapes, expressive line, value, and color.  I start with an idea - a division of shapes or a few lines, and begin to build on that with watercolor, charcoal, and crayons. Watercolor has a reputation of being difficult and unforgiving.  In this series I have enjoyed exploring those limits: lifting, layering, washing out areas and reworking.  The depth and complexity of the resulting image appeals to me.